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EX288 dispute results


If anyone faced simmilar sitoation:

 I have 2 faile attempt and every time same 2 tasks::

 Deploy multi-container applications: 0%

 Work with hooks and triggers: 0%



both tasks have a subtask to verify if  actions were perfomed properly

- > hooks => if action was impmented properly -> connect with a specific user and verify sometheing (  checked and verified, action was implemeted properly)

-> multi template ( among many thing must use a parameter with a default value)  let;s say GREET=Shaolins

 =>A. create pod w/o parameter GREET => should get a specific output  ( something like Hello Shaolins"

 =>B.  create pod with parameter GREET having as value "Ninjas!! should get a specific output  ( something like "Welcome Ninjas")

1st warning  my output was  instead of  Hello Shaolins, Ahoy Shaolins => I have asked the proctor during the exam and he told me most probably is a typo in task definition and shoud open a ticket for.

To avoid useless discssions, I do not believe, I do not think, I'm 1000% of what I have done.

Now, is granting script suppose to check if output was "Hello Shaolins or Ahoy Shaolins" ?!

Again as I've already mentioned both tasks specify howto verify if everything was impleneted properly, but... both marked as 0%


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