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I need help to deploying VMs redhat for trainning in ower new redhat academy?

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Hi, if  you can help me to deplying the VMs rhci in ower new redhat academy, please contact me.

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im a 'regular' RHCI/RHCX, and im not familiar if there is a specific course setup for RHA that would differ from what we use in ILT deliveries.

Are you installing on bare metal or on VM's. If on VM's, there are some issues, but if your virtualization platform has enough resources, i have seen it to work, but only with foundation0 and no additional student foundations. It is designed for bare metal installation.

If you (still) can use some help setting up the classroom, send me a pm and i will try to help.



Using the files from the ftp site mentioned i would not recommend. There are some issues with this author.  

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I moved your post to be under the Red Hat Academy disussion header instead of the more general "Platform and Linux" forum that it was originally posted in.

Since you're asking Academy-specific questions, this might be the better place to get answers that can help.


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