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"LEAP: Campus to Corporate Leap 2.0" Program

1. COSS INDIA Flagship academic training "CAMPUS TO CORPORATE LEAP" is designed to help students easily make transition to IT industry. The Interns after completing the Internship will be well equipped, well trained and confident to take on the challenges ahead. Our Internship programs are meticulously planned by our trainer and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. Candidate's time is valuable, so our goal is to best prepare them while taking up the least amount of your time possible in Hands-on way.

2. COSS INDIA has initiated LEAP - Campus to Corporate Leap in the form of training & Internship model to implement the 21 day "Red Hat Linux & Python with Machine Learning". The organizations which have already registered with Red Hat Academy has Implemented this program to elevate their skills."

3. Eligible Participants: All Engineering (B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA), Science students and hobbyist of Latest Technologies can attend the Summer Training Program, as these technologies have become the backbone of all the industries. The submit an expression of interest (EOI) will decide the eligibility.
Redhat share a plaque or certificate called "Student Scholarship", COSS in partnership with Redhat will enroll individuals who apply for a scholarship with an eligibility.
They should be evaluated on specific criteria including the quality contribution made to red hat open source projects for a specific period (example 30 or 60 days or a duration)Students.
Become a community member and the outcome caliber of the application developed during this period will make him/ her earn "Students Scholarship".

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Our goal is to make an RH Academy developer and engineer understand and embraces open-source, Linux. Appreciate learners write a small article here on the community and earn badges!

Today your goal is to know the following :

  1. How Linux is different from other operating systems?
  2. Why do a Developer and Coder need to know Linux?
  3. Who is owning Linux and How a Linux distribution works?

How Linux distribution was created?

As you progress learning Red Hat Linux and RHCSA curriculum, following can be answered  

  1. Do I still need to know or work on a Unix platform?
  2. How Linux is packaged and distributed?
  3. How Linux system for a developer critical to protect?
  4. What commands a Developer must know?
  5. How to work on network , firewall, load balancers?
  6. How to install Linux?
  7. How to install an application on Linux?
  8. How to contribute on a Linux kernel?


After you are an RHCSA (hoping 2 weeks good enough), I should be expecting you produce a small project like :

1. How to create a bootable USB drive for Linux

2. Linux rescue disk or program restoring a corrupt Linux system 

3. Linux for disability, develop a special software 

4. Harden or secure a Linux system (especially developer system running as root)

Deepak Mishra

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Leap2.0 is a Red Hat Academy 

Hi Learners,

Greetings from COSS INDIA.

We are excited to announce the Red Hat Academy Challenge referral program for LEAP 2.0

Chance to win:

1. 15 students registration from your community through reference-Win 1 Lenovo Tab
2.10 students registration from your community through reference-Win a free Global certification of Redhat
3.5 registration from your community through reference in a T-shirt/badge/Kit of Goodies

For queries kindly contact

Deepak Mishra
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Hello Students In India,




RHA Campus Ambassador Program is a campus connect program that aims to form a network of like-minded students across India. The program facilitates and nurtures future leaders of the country and contributes to their career growth. We want to empower and groom select students across India who will serve as OpenSources community specialists, brand evangelists and technology experts in their respective institutions.

A RHA Campus Ambassador is someone who enjoys meeting new people, encourages others to get involved and is happy to help answer any questions someone may have. They are always eager to help out; ensuring new arrivals settle in and make the most out of their time while at University.

You should join if you're:
  • Inquisitive, Tech-savvy and have organisational skills
  • Know your college the best
  • You have the NEVER SETTLE attitude
  • Leadership and Motivational quality 
  • Be friendly, approachable and happy to answer questions
  • Show an eagerness to get involved and share your experiences
What you will do
  • Ideate on and execute innovative campaign plans
  • Strategise and drive Word of Mouth in campus events and activities
  • Support with hosting and organising social events
  • Encourage students to get involved in events and activities
  • Represent Red Hat Academy and help answer questions on Red hat Academy Program
  • Co-host live Training and Workshop 
  • Current students who live with us and will be living with us again next academic year
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Respectful of others and different cultures
  • Honest, considerate and patient
  • Reliable and observant of when others need support
  • Confident talking in front of large groups and one-to-one situations
  • Willingness to learn and go above and beyond
  • An understanding for and empathy with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds
Your Benefits
  • Get free training on Red Hat Enterprise Linux – 8 (RHEL-8) and Certification (worth INR 15k)
  • Learn and work on Open Sources Project with Prodevans Technology
  • Get a Lenovo Tablet absolutely free (worth INR 10k)
  • Get Red Hat Academy Goodies
  • A monthly stipend
  • Placement as a point


Deepak Mishra
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What our Leap2.0 Interns Expectations, Let’s know the personas and dream  

  1. Kautilya - I would like to be a web developer (MLOPS developer)

  2. Ankeeta - I am from Godu Thai College of Engineering Gulbarga and expecting to become a Machine learning developer

  3. Vijit - I am in second year studying in JNTU. Wanted to know all the topics, coding in Java.

  4. Debasis - I am from Berhampur, wanted to become a DevOps engineer

  5. Sravan - I am studying at Gitam University and would like to become a DevOps engineer

  6. Aryaman Lal - I am a first-year student, wanted to learn Machine learning

  7. Anant - I am studying in NIST Berhampur, wanted to learn and work in DevOps technologies

  8. Sourav Karjee - A student in VIT. Interested in expertise in Cloud and Security

  9. Nethravathi - I am studying in Reva and looking forward to work on the machine learning project

  10. Dinesh Behera -I am studying in Berhampur, NIST in 3rd Year. Wanted to work on the MLOPS

  11. Pranjali -I am from Bundelkhand and in MSC. I would like to be in DevOps engineering and have already done home automation

  12. Jhansi Saket -I am studying in Anurag engineering and wanted to become a full-stack developer

  13. Vamsi Krishna -I am 6th Sem CS in Amrita Uni. Wanted to experience what a fresher face the challenges in large org and project

  14. Simran Maharana -I am in MSC, College of Engineering Bhu. Wanted to work on the real-time cloud project

  15. Charu Rajput -I know Python and Machine Learning and wanted to work on the machine learning project

  16. Joel Louis - I am studying in Christ College Mysore campus, Wanted to become an ML Ops engineer

  17. Suchitra - I am studying in College of Engineering in Bhubaneswar and know little of Python.

  18. Suraj Mahandia - I am from Rourkela / Sundergarh and would like to become a cloud computing engineer

  19. Ankita Routh - I am studying in Gandhi Engineering and wanted to work on cloud computing and ML

  20. Sarthak - I am studying in NIST (IT branch) and Looking forward to work on the cloud database

  21. Megha - I am studying in Christ College and wanted to gain expertise in Cloud Architecture, Cloud Infrastructure and Live project

30+ New Interns joined and RHA students from PAN IndiaRHA students from PAN IndiaMentorship discussion by DeepakMentorship discussion by Deepak

Deepak Mishra
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Welcome learners !

Here is our platform where you can ask your doubts regarding any project work or training on daily basic.We will help you from here by evaluating your query.I strongly beleive everyone will get help in case of any doubt.

keep learning & keep developing.


Thanks & Regards

Anwesha Rath

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hi everyone i am very much excited to learn new things i hope i will have a great

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Hello Folks!!

Registration done  


Hey Everyone, excited for the classes. Hopefully, will gain a lot from this.


Hey everyone 

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Welcome everyone !

Thank you for joining in this discussion.looking forward for a great session.

Ask your every query in this chat window.


Thank & Regards


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