Linux Permissions Lesson Plan Anyone?

Does anyone have a lesson plan concerning Linux file permissions? Just checking if anyone has one available before 're-inventing the wheel'. Adding more Linux into our A+, Network+, and Security+ curriculum to better prepare students for jobs.

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Re: Linux Permissions Lesson Plan Anyone?

1. For more targeted repetitious practice - I have students complete these tables:

2. Then in order to add humor and perspective, have students create "memes" with Linux permissions. e.g. 

Create a poster to illustrate Linux permissions.

The poster should include Octal, Symbolic, and the chmod command.


chmod a+rwx



For those files that anyone can hack.

[With some sort of poster picture]

3. For further, higher level synthesis of the material, I recommend a creative writing assignment with Linux permissions and related tools:

With one partner- 

1. Imagine your tech related business

2. What does this business do?

3. How many employees / IT users does this organization have? 

4. Imagine that their was a data / permissions breach. What was the problem?

5. How can you fix it? [Provide at least 5 different Linux / group / user related commands and connect them to your story.]

This story should be one page in length. 

6. For a more hands-on understanding of why these settings are important, I have students work through the Leviathan exercises.

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