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My Red Hat Academy Student Ambassador Program Introduction

Hi My name is Rhode R. and i'm currently in school to earn my Certification in Data Analytics and grab my Associates degree as soon as its available at Bunkerhill Communithy College in Charlestown, MA.  In the past I was originally trying to get certified in Network Administration at a private college and was interning at the time. My school lost its accreditions practically overnight and pretty much all the credits I earned were useless. This event did get to me for a while, I was content on just being an adminisrstive assistant working in a hospital. My coworker 2 years ago encouraged to go back to school but at a Community College and try my hand again in the IT field. I am working full time to put myself through school without coming out with debt, which is what happened to me before. I worked with Red Hat while I was interning, so this semester is trying to familiarize myself with it again. I am 33 yrs old, I love travelling, love my mixed lab named Gigi and I am a very proud Aunt to a 2 year old. Hopefully the Red Hat Community will be able to assist me on my journey to one of my many goals 

Thank you

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