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Phenomenal Partner Conference

Hats off to Trisha (Lady T) and Jeff!!!

I can't even begin to think of just how much work you all put into making this
virtual conference a reality.  At the conclusion of the conference, I began to reflect
on just how flawless you all transitioned from one part of the agenda to the next.  The
number of hours that you spent in the preparation phase must have been enormous. 
The show that you all put on was very special!

We weren't in Vegas.  We weren't gathering in person.  However, you all did such a
marvelous job in the delivery, I felt a little bit as though I was physically present.  I
know I'm repeating myself, but this truly was a great, great conference.  The quality of
this conference did not suffer one bit due to virtual attendance.


Let me also commend you on the agenda.  You all spent more than one or two days in
putting together the lineup.  Your choice of all the presenters made me think about
what an Olympic Coach must go through when selecting a team that will represent the
nation.  Well, you all definitely put togehter a Dream Team!!!


You all put in the effort that you did because you are the epitome of professionals, and
didn't have the first thought about receiving any accolades.  However, I'm going to ask
that you all give each other a virtual high-five, standup and take a bow, and feel very
good about the job that you did with this conference.  It was so very, well coordinate, and I was compelled to immediately share my thoughts and comments.


Thank you for a tremendous, a wonderful, 3 days of learning and fellowship!   
Oh, Lady T, thank you for the Motown :-}  That very much added to my wonderful

Trevor C.

Trevor "Red Hat Evangelist" Chandler
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