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RH294 labs: Chapter 2, Sections 2, 4, 6, and 7: Suggested change to lab script for each

I'm suggesting that the RH294, Chapter 2, Sections 2, 4, 6, and 7 lab scripts be updated.

In each section, a different directory and inventory, and possibly configuration, file is made in /home/student on the workstation system:

Sec. 2: /home/student/deploy-inventory/inventory

Sec. 4: /home/student/deploy-manage/ansible.cfg and /home/student/deploy-manage/inventory

Sec. 6: /home/student/deploy-adhoc/ansible.cfg and /home/student/deploy-adhoc/inventory

Sec. 7: /home/student/deploy-review/ansible.cfg and /home/student/deploy-review/inventory

In each case, the lab script does not remove the directories or files when the lab is completed.


For example, Section 2 (the others are similar):

During the course of the lab, the /home/student/deploy-inventory/inventory directory and file are created:


However, the finishing script does not remove it, it only resets /etc/ansible/hosts


Examining the lab script code for each section (Sec. 2: lab-deploy-inventory, Sec. 4: lab-deploy-manage, Sec. 6: lab-deploy-adhoc, and Sec. 7: lab-deploy-review) confirms this.


I'm suggesting that a rm -r /home/student/deploy-* be used in the lab script's lab_finish function (if the directory exists).

Leaving these directories behind and unused is just messy.

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Is there anywhere I can access guided walk through of labs for red hat Linux Administration III: 294 it’s red hat Gilmore
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