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Mission Specialist

RHA Workshop and Student Ambassador Program

Hey everyone, I’m Charly, the new Red Hat Academy intern! As a rising senior at East Carolina University I’ve taken Red Hat classes with Mr. Lee Toderick while studying Information and Computer Technology. I will be taking my RHCSA certification shortly and test driving the DO180 course during my time at Red Hat this summer. Being both a student and an intern gives me a unique perspective on the student and academy sides of the fence and aim to use this perspective to improve the RHA student experience.

This summer, I’ll be working to setup a student ambassador program. We are going to create a way for students to interact with Red Hat directly. Utilizing a new bottom-up approach, we can provide students with more opportunities and the best learning experiences possible. This program will be designed to connect students directly to the industry and give them a way to expand on their curriculum.

Our plan is to expose students to some of the content that may not be accessible in an established class as well as encourage them to get certifications. We also want to connect students to Red Hat Associates through the Adopt an Academy program and create many different classroom projects, workshops and labs for them to participate in.

It’s definitely going to be a lot of work and I am looking forward to collaborating with many of you in the future. Let me know if you have ideas or input of any kind so we can be sure to give students the best year ever in the Red Hat Academy!

In addition to studying IT I love to ride freestyle BMX and do so almost every day. I also have a home lab setup that I’m constantly tinkering with. My most recent home project is a web app I’ve been developing using an Express backend, React frontend and Mariadb database. I’m looking forward to deploying this app using information I learn from the DO180 course.

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Hello everyone
How can I be a red hat Student Ambassador
Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I think it depends on your institution, your institution must join Red Hat Academy Programe and teach the Red Hat curriculum and pointed you as the student ambasador for you University or College, it depends on each University/College


I want to become a community leader organizing workshops, game jams, developing learning resources and helping teachers and other students succeed in their educational institutions, so I applied to Student Ambassador Program.

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