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RHEL 8, RH134 Chapter 5, Section 1 error (update: and Sec. 3, too)

RHEL 8, RH134, Chapter 5, Section 1 has the following error (x2)


The problem is that the command used does not generate the output shown. The command is for a short listing. The output is a long listing. Here's proof:


The proper command is ls -lZ /home (or ls -Zl, or whatever):


Update: This same issue exists in Section 3 as well. -Z instead of -lZ and -Zd instead of -lZd

(Granted, the person who generated the content may have an alias set. However, the lab environment does not.)

A small thing (which doesn't take away from the example): the lab environment's partitions are formatted with XFS, so they don't have a lost+found directory.


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