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Mission Specialist

Re-certification Question

If you get the RHCSA and Red Hat Security Specialist certifications, does the re-certification of the Red Hat Security Specialist exam also recertify the RHCSA?  For example:

  • 1/2022 - pass RHCSA
  • 4/2022 - pass RH Security Specialist
  • 4/2025 - Re-certifiy RH Security Specialist
    • QUESTION: by re-certifying the Security Specialist exam (by taking it again), does that automatically re-certify the RHCSA?

When I read the documentation (https://www.redhat.com/en/services/certification/renewal), it is unclear.  It states that doing the following will recertify an RHCSA:

That sounds like the answer to my question is No.  It sounds like you have to be an RHCE to recertify the RHCSA via a Specialist exam?  Also, it is not clear if re-certifying an existing Specialist Certification applies here (or if you have to get a new Specialiast certification).

Could someone help clear this up?

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Thanks for sharing that @6161726f6e , good news indeed!

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