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Red Hat Academy Student Ambassador Program introduction

Hello everyone,

My name is Nick Astor and I am a student at Valencia College. My current goal is to get my A.S. in Cybersecurity here at Valencia and then transfer to UMA for my bachelors I am currently taking classes to prepare for the RHCSA. I have always had a passion for the IT field since I was young, and I enjoy this field a lot. When taking Red Hat classes at Valencia, I feel my professor noticed how much I was enjoying the program and recommended me for this ambassadorship. I am 20 years old; I love traveling, I have been all over Europe and Israel. When I am not studying for classes or doing homework I am usually studying for certifications. I currently have the Security+ and the Network+ from CompTIA. I hope to be adding the RHCSA to that list soon. Other things I may be doing are activities for the Cyber Security Club I’m involved in, learning about python, penetration testing, or anything related to a computer. I feel this Red Hat program is going to be a good fit and I look forward to getting involved.

Thank you,


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Hello ,guys
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I began to look for courses for myself. The decisive criteria were the price, the amount of information taught, and sensible support. I went to a presentation lecture, which helped to determine the direction, decided, I will study here. And I didn’t regret it. In addition to the fact that I met the most interesting people who help me a lot (I began to study a completely new field for myself), Red Hat Academy Student gave me all the necessary skills and abilities.

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