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Flight Engineer

Red Hat Academy at East Carolina University - Welcome Students!

Hello ECU students, 

Welcome to the Red Hat Learning Community! As we begin to learn more about this new collaborative tool, I would love to hear a little bit about yourself - name, school, program of study, any skill/topic/task that you want to further develop, and a fun fact about yourself! 

Reply below and we look forward to hearing from and about you! 


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Hi Lauren,

My name is Elijah Paynter, I am a junior at ECU studying Information and Computer Technology with a concentration in Security. I'd like to learn more/gain experience in scripting in Red Hat linux as well as get some practical examples to work on that a Linux system administrator might utilize in their day to day work. Thank you! 

Starfighter Starfighter

Hi Elijah,

I don't think there is anything that we offer through the RHA program geared to what you are looking for, but let me offer some personal experience.

General shell programming has served me well for thirty years, currently still doing quite a bit with bash. There are lots of bash programming exercises on the web.

Within Red Hat, we seem to be doing a lot of Python. Or at least in the areas that I touch we are. One of my cohorts says if my bash script gets over 100 lines I need to switch to Python. Not sure I agree with that threshold, but you get the idea. bash for simple, python for more complex activities.

Lastly, an area we do offer some courseware (but unfortunately not through RHA at the moment) is in the use of ansible. The concept of DevOps and public/private cloud management really needs another level of automation which ansible provides. There is some good public documentation on

You can also download and practice with all these technologies by grabbing Fedora or CentOS from the web.



Welcome @Eli

Ansible for Security is a big topic right now! Join us at the discussion board for Automation, Management, and Ansible for further conversation.

I've linked some references for you:


If you're satisfied with the solutions provided please mark the solution as ACCEPTED.

Don't forget to thank those who helped you out with kudos!


Hello Lauren,

My name is Daniel Cavanaugh. I am a freshman at ECU studying Information and Computer Technology and minoring in philosophy. I'd love to learn anything I can about Linux both in a professional capacity and for my own personal use as I have been primarily using different Linux distributions on my own machines for a few years now and have always been fascinated by the open source community and have a strong desire to work for a company that embraces these things in my future career.

Fun might be kind of subjective. I like putting together old machines sometimes from parts I've found in the trash and have a weird fascination with things in the computing world that are older than I am. I currently do everything on my desktop with an IBM model M and habaneros are my favorite tasting fruit.

Thanks for the opportunity to mention all of that and be among the first users on this Red Hat Acadamey discussions form.


Hello Everyone,

My Name is Anthony DeCarvalho. I am a successful graduate from Fayetteville Technical Community College and I am transitioning to ECU in the fall. While at ECU I have noticed under the curriculam that RHCSA is offered and RHCSE. Is their currently or is their going to be an addition of learning material or class instruction that prepares students for ansible and openshift certification?

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Hello, that is a great question!
We plan to incorporate Andinle, RH294, into ICTN3540. Expected offering date is Fall semester, 2020. Lee Toderick
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Starfighter Starfighter

I'm pretty sure that @LeeT mean "Ansible" -- which is RH294


Program Lead at Arizona's first Red Hat Academy, est. 2005
Estrella Mountain Community College
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Thanks to East Carolina University I took up course designed for students wishing to complete the practice and lab assignments prior to taking the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification exam. During the 4-day course, I performed laboratory work from the courses.


Frank B. Garcia, 

writer and editor based in write my essay today

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