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Server Disk Suddenly Fail because of Remote Access for Foundation1-20

Hello, I want to ask about NAT forwarding using RHA Foundation0. I've a NVME SSD on the server and using the NAT from rht-external network command I allow all foundation client to have internet access, and I put 3rd party remote client on each foundation so my student could remote the foundation client from Home (For each person, such as foundation20, foundation19, etc).

*Yes it's because of COVID-19

But the problem after 3 hours suddenly the SSD Failed, I want to ask, does the nat rht external fowarding did write something on the SSD disk such as the network package that lead to the SSD failure? Or it's just I'm unlucky to have this problem on the Server SSD while teaching Red Hat using remote client to the campus. Thank you. 

Any Help is Appriciated. Thanks 

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