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Some inconsistency in RH124 (content) - Ch. 4 Sec. 3

Re: This table


Again, I'm approaching this from the perspective of very new, very literal, Linux students.

There are a number of things which are a little inconsistent. Recalling that Linux is case sensitive, a G is not the same as a g.

In the man pages G takes one to the bottom of the topic, not the top -- g does that. U does not "Scroll backward (up) one half-screen" -- u does that.

Yes, it says Shift N in one location and that's OK as far as it goes. However, it also has PageUp or b (lowercase). And, there is also an n (lowercase) all by itself...

Finally, if you are going to have PageDownPageUp, and Enter, as that's the way they're spelled on the keyboard, you may also want to change it from HOME to Home.

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Starfighter Starfighter

Good catch.  Looks like they got capitalized after technical review of the content during a final copy editing pass.  Bug filed.

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