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The new Red Hat Academy Learning Portal

Even though I've left feedback via the portal, I thought I'd post this here. Perhaps I'm doing something incorrectly -- or someone has figured out a way to do this.

One other point first: As of now, the RHCSA650E class (the delta content for containers) appears to have no content.

My concern is that if I sign a student up for more than one class, they only see one class when they log into the portal. This is what I did to test:

signed up Student for RHCSA650E - student sees this class (but there is no content)

signed up Student for RH124 - Student sees RH124, does not see RHCSA650E

removed Student from RH124 - Student sees RHCSA650E

signed up Student for RH134 - Student sees RH134, does not see RHCSA650E

signed up Student for RH294 - Student sees RH134, does not see RHCSA650E or RH294

removed user from RH134 - Student sees RHCSA650E,  not RH294

removed user from RHCSA650E - Student now sees RH294


I don't know about any one else, but I frequently have students enrolled in more than one class at a time. For example, they may be simultaneously taking RH134 and RH294. Or, if taking my Capstone class, they'd need simultaneous access to the RH124, RH134, and RH294 classes on the portal.

I schedule clases to run "long". For example, the 8-week semester ends on Oct. 15. I'll schedule the end date in the portal for Dec 31. I do this because it gives them an opportunity to access the material after the end of class so they can study for the cert. In this scenario, they may be taking the RH294 while studying for the RHCSA -- so they need access to all of the material.

Students really need a view like we have as Instructors...

Or, like I said, maybe I'm missing something?

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

I have the same issue. I need students to be able to see both RH124 and RH134.

"Students really need a view like we have as Instructors..."

also, instructors should be able to view the material the students are studying. The current setup does not allow this.


Following this. 

It was do-able on the old Gilmore platform.

A student taking an RHCSA exam would require RH124+RH134 and maybe even RHCSA605E. To limit them to only one enrollment per student is a huge administrative overhead.

Please enable multiple enrollments per student soonest. Thank you.

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

I'm having the same issue. Is there an update to this? My students are expected to start RH134 following RH124 after spring break ~2nd week of March. Ideally everyone would have completed RH124, that has never been a reality for me.

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