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This is incorrect for RHEL 8, RH124 -- at least for NetLab

In RHEL 8, RH124, on the very first page of content (on Gilmore), it says, under Classroom Environment, "The root password on all student systems is redhat."


This is incorrect -- at least when using NDG's NetLab. The root password on workstation and the server machines is unknow to all (not even the instructors know it).

We aren't using a physical lab, yet (we're teaching this class in Fall 2020), so I can't say if the root password is redhat in that environment.

However, I suspect that it isn't. The content in Chapter 6, section 3 (indirectly) and the lab in Chapter 6, section 4 (directly) talk about using sudo su - as a way to log into the root account because the root password in unknown.

6.3 content


6.4 lab6_4.PNG


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