Where can I download Course Attendance certificate?

Hello All,

I have access to RedHat courses


when I finish a course from the catalog, it generates a button to download attendance certificate with link like below, which redircts me to Red Hat Learning community



If I closed the generated link, I can't find the Course Attendance certificates anywhere in my profile, I mean one page listing all certificates of all courses

knowing that each course has the link to its certificate in the end of the course




I found this under FAQ, Q18, but the link is not working

"How can course completion certificates be generated from the subscription?

  • Once users complete 75% of a course, they are eligible to receive a certificate of completion for that particular course. Within the subscription, a Certificate button will appear to the user. Selecting this button will direct the user to the Red Hat Learning Community
  • learn.redhat.com
  • where the certificate can be viewed, downloaded, and printed
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