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Flight Engineer

shared experience on using the PE124 exam?

Has anyone else used the PE124 exam as their final for the rh124 course this past semester?

I had student feedback suggesting the process of setting it up and the testing environment being very different from the lab environment (I used a NDG netlab setup and the RHA course materials).

I'd like to know any tips or tricks to make it easier for students to schedule and how to better prepare them for what they actually see.

Also, is there anyone in an academic setting that has thought about requiring the RHCSA as the final exam for the second linux class? I'm conflicted since technically they would be tested on materials not specifically taught in that class but was covered in the first course.

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Hello! We were also considering using the PE124 exam in place of the final exam but have put that on hold. This Fall 2021 will be the first semester we are offering Admin I & II, so we really do not know what to expect. I am spending hours in the Community learning from others!

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