Announcing Red Hat Certified Specialist in Security: Linux

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This certification is for system administrators who need to manage the secure operation of servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, whether deployed on physical hardware, as virtual machines, or as cloud instances.  Validating people’s ability to secure Linux systems has been at the core of Red Hat’s certification program.  Basic security knowledge is required of every Red Hat Certified System Administrator.  With this certification, we go deeper into the kinds of practices and configurations needed to ensure that Red Hat Enterprise Linux meets the increasingly strict requirements of today’s enterprise.

You might know that we have offered Red Hat Certified Specialist in Server Hardening for some years.  This certification is similar and will be taking its place.  If you have been preparing for the Server Hardening exam, no worries.  It will be available for another year as a Red Hat Individual Exam.

Why are we launching this new credential?  Because we have taken a look at what today’s IT infrastructure professional needs to know and will be taking some new directions.  Understanding OS security is critical, regardless of the specific deployment environment.  That is what this new Specialist covers.  But being able to secure based on the deployment environment has also become critical.  

Container, virtual and cloud security are concerns in their own right.  If that sounds like a hint of what’s yet to is!

As always, we offer comprehensive training in the skills and knowledge covered by this certification in a variety of ways to learn.

Learn more about this new certification.

Recommended Course - Red Hat Security: Linux in Physical, Virtual, and Cloud (RH415)

Recommended Exam - Red Hat Certified Specialist in Security: Linux (EX415)

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