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The Red Hat Training and Certification team released the latest version of the Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS) on November 7, 2019. This change enhances all tiers of RHLS available - standard, basic, developer, enterprise, and the free trial. This major release provides an improved learning experience for users, and creates a foundation for consistent, iterative improvements for learners and enterprises. The Red Hat Learning Subscription is a premiere way to train and grow a career with Red Hat technologies.


What are the major changes?

  • Expanded search and filtering capabilities have been added to the course catalog and learning paths catalog.
  • The new home page simplifies the task of resuming active courses, as well as displaying the learning paths the user has enrolled in.
  • Expert chat gives our standard subscribers the ability to communicate directly with certified experts. With this tool, users will have a coach available from within the course, to help them with questions about the content and lab materials. 
  • Reports will now include course and lab progress for all users. In addition, standard users will also be able to report on the exams they have scheduled and completed


Learn More

The full list of Release notes can be found here

For more information, please see our FAQs, or read our blog post


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If you would like to take a 7 day free trial of the product, please sign up here


5 responses

Nice new look and feel but I can't access an online course:

The page loads briefly and then clears, and I'm left with headers and footers.

Anyone else suffering?


@BTyes, I've also lost my subscription after 7th of November. Checking everyday and have a support case already 5 days open. I saw it working only once on my phone. Also I see in Web-console explicit 403 error from Django-based REST API :smileyfrustrated:

This is nice, I can use see all my stats like how many hours I've spent on the labs or how many guides I have downloaded, etc. Nice job! Wira

My video classrooms won't load at all. I was able to view one for a little bit but nothing now.. Doesn't matter what OS or browser I run they don't work. Support ticket has been open for days..

Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer
Clean looking! Looking forward to trying it out!