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The Red Hat Academy program is now available at more than 1,140 academic institutions around the world, offering top-quality education programs on Red Hat technologies and helping students learn practical, open source IT skills. Red Hat Academy is an academic training program designed to help institutions differentiate themselves by providing an enterprise-ready Linux and open source curriculum. With more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies using Red Hat tools and services, Red Hat Academy provides individuals with opportunities of growth through in-demand content and hands-on labs with flexibility.

As the demand for IT skills that support digital transformation increases, students of Red Hat Academy can potentially gain an advantage within the IT job market. A recent Red Hat Academy instructor survey found that 91 percent of academy instructors agree that the program improves their students’ career readiness within the IT industry. In addition, 89 percent of instructors surveyed agreed that the Red Hat Academy prepares their students with valuable skills that enable them to excel in a world of digital transformation.

We feel that the advantage for students stems from the immersive learning experience of the Red Hat Academy curriculum; allowing professionals to build a critical skill-subset to demonstrate their readiness in the IT job market. As many IT companies are shifting their focus towards an open source-based infrastructure and adoption of modern practices in today’s hybrid world, the demand for skilled IT professionals increases.

Red Hat president and chief executive officer, Jim Whitehurst, is a strong supporter of the program, "The rate of change in IT continues to accelerate, so it's now more important than ever for educational institutions to train students in the skills that are driving the industry. And many of those skills are related to open source. This milestone speaks to the demand for Red Hat technologies, such as Linux, cloud and middleware. But it also stresses that having the skills to work openly, positions students to better succeed in their careers."

Congratulations to Red Hat Academy on reaching this exciting milestone!