Guide to Virtual Summit!

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Red Hat Virtual Summit on April 27-28, the premier open source event is expanding to become an all-new, flexible conference series, consisting of a 2‑part immersive virtual experience as well as a global tour of small-scale, in-person* events. This series will create collective opportunities to share experiences, innovations, and insights.

Start your Red Hat Summit journey by joining us for this no-cost event, where you can get the latest news, ask the experts your technology questions, hear from customers around the globe, and learn how open source is innovating the future of the enterprise. 

Helping you find the inspiration to do what you want to do, wherever you are, is a key element of Red Hat Summit. To that end, musical guest Ben Folds and guest speakers Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Mick Ebeling will lend their voices to the virtual experience, with conversations and Q&A guided by our emcee, Red Hat solutions architect Angela Andrews.


Guide to this session's Ask the Experts:


An Open Transformation from Inside: distributed customer engagements  | 3pm CET April 27

Randy Russell - Director, Global Learning Services

Lindsay Yeadon - Engagement Lead, Open Innovation Labs

Kari Mayhew - Marketing Manager, Open Innovation Labs


Organize for innovation | 9am CET April 27

Tim Beattie - Sr. Principal Engagement Lead

Will Watkins - Business Development Manager

Mike Hepburn - Open Innovation Labs Principal Architect


Blacks in Tech: Red Hat Edition  | 5pm CET April 27

Orieji Iroha Agwu - Sr. Manager, Global Learning Delivery

Brandon Simms - Associate Consultant

Matthew Urena - Consultant

Abraham Snell - Sr. Solution Architect


Digital transformation in these changing times | 5pm CET April 27

Emily Brand - Chief Architect

Marty Wesley - Portfolio Product Marketing, Director

Mike Walker - Sr. Director, Consulting Services Global

Chrissy Cianci - Manager, Solution Architecture

Kimberly Craven - Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Technical Global


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