Have you Taken a Red Hat Online Course? Share Your Thoughts!

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Flight Engineer

My name is Dave and I am a member of the Red Hat Training and Certification team. Part of my job is to make sure that when you take one of our courses, you gain the skills and knowledge needed to feel confident in your role and that your experience is best-in-class.

We've decided to give this community a limited-time opportunity to provide direct feedback on how you use our self-paced, online courses.

The results of this survey will help us focus on the elements that are most important to you, our learners, and make updates/enhancements accordingly.

Share your feedback here.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you Dave - this is a great way for our learning community to help share feedback and shape the way future courses and learning programs are designed! 

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Flight Engineer

I know, I've been there too. Another survey link?! Ugh! But take a moment to understand how valuable your input is. Your honest responses allow us to:

  • Bring feedback directly to the team of writers who create your online courses!
  • Make changes to online courses being designed and developed today!
  • Improve the customer (yourlearning experience with more of what you love and less of what doesn't work.
  • Fill our backlog with enhancements that will make a difference in future courses.
  • Give you a voice that is heard (directly by me).

So please consider taking the survey above and if you already have (thank you for that!) and pass the link along to those who have taken a Red Hat course. We would love to hear from them!

Questions? Comments? Post them here!

By the way, I see every page of training content that eventually gets to your eyes so you will be responding to someone who can get the information into the right hands. You have so much to gain from that 5 minute commitment! You've got this!

Dave S., Instructional Designer


Thanks for sharing the survey, Dave. 

  As a course developer, instructor, and student of our offerings the feedback from those who take our courses are the best way to shape the experiences Red Hat delivers.  As someone who utilizes our courses to upskill in a number of areas, I have often supplied feedback and seen it directly adopted within the course - either from immediate corrections or through the next iteration of the content, depending on the nature of the feedback.  As a student of our training offerings, as well as a developer and instructor of the content, I have personally validated that the feedback offered by our community of learners is...

  • Read through and shared with the teams
  • Addressed or implemented by Red Hat
  • Utilized to determine course objectives, topics, and materials for inclusion
  • Revisited as courses evolve through iterations or technology versions

  With the ability to learn so much through the Red Hat course catalog, as well as shape the course offerings and future topics that are addressed with Red Hat offerings, I feel that the delivered experiences are nothing short of world class.  For anyone who has taken training from Red Hat and wanted to see things evolve to meet their specific needs, the opportunity is always available to share your feedback and let your voice be heard. 

  I hope you take the time to share your thoughts with the Red Hat team in this survey, as well as during each and every course, and trust that we are ready to bring you a better experience with each offering by fueling our initiatives with the advice of our community.  Together we will continue to deliver upon the enterprise needs to develop our skills for the ever-changing landscape of our technologies.


Hi @AbsarShaik , Would you share your feedback with RH436 here?

I think it would be very relevant and would allow the opportunity for your to have @dsacco address your concerns to the right team...



Hi @dsacco ,

I'm working for Red Hat also, yet I read numerous feedback from the community on this forum.

Some regular concerns for many following the self paced online course:

  1. When they find mistakes with the instructions and or the labs, they are unable to check if the issues are already reported by others. They either notice the problem or waste time reporting. Then the process is slow and they never see the results of them sharing that precious feedback.
  2. Unfortunately when they need support, especially for RHLS subscription members, they feel they are ignored. It takes a very long time (weeks or more) for them to get answers. This user @BogdanB can share his own experience on that topic, if willing.

In general, I don't remember having ever heard any negative feedback on the course content from a learning skills aspect. It's more about the support, how to interact with the teams in charge about the course itself.

 I hope that helps,



Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I've completed the survey. Now the long story.

I'm an RHCA and this was a personal goal of mine. After getting RHCA I've convinced my boss to pay for RHLS since I had 50% discount.

Payment interface is different from the subscription, it is a pain to buy it in corporate environments, I had to get my bosses bosses boss to pay for it since he was the only one with a card. As you all know, the higher up the ladder you go the busy people are so it is pretty hard to get their time.

Very happy I got it, started to learn and prepare for ex425. Scheduled my first exam and failed, on one section of the exam it seemed I was poorly prepared. I've retrained, did the material again and failed again even tough I was sure I've completed all topics.

After the 2nd attempt I've asked the cert team to check the score and they reported it was correct. Even tough I didnt agreed with their evaluation I decided to give them credit and doubt  myself.

My ego didnt let me quit, I've paid the exam from my own pocket and failed again even tough I've completed every point in the exam and rebooted the machines to check.

The thing is that in all 3 attempts, one section of the exam (the low hanging fruit) did not score 100% no matter how I solved it. Tried the procedure from the manual, everything worked but the result says ~60%.

This time I had no doubt that there is nothing wrong with my skills. As you can see in the thread below there are lots of errors in the course.


Asked support here from fellow learners, encouraged by @JS_Learning  I've raised another ticket and this is still under investigation. After about 1 month after opening the ticket I didnt get any response. I said, ok, perhpaps they forgot to update me and asked for an update. Nothing, not even a "we are working on it". I understand the exam integrity must be protected but "we are still working on it" doesnt affect exam integrity.

I think after loosing 6 months with this exam ( first time the exam was cancelled due to neetwork errors and it took RH about 2 weeks to give me my retry) and 3 tries deserves at least answer. 

The thing is there are other people (some of them RHCA's, if that counts for something) which they said that 425 scoring is tough to explain even tough some of them passed and they have no reason encourage others to take this exam. 

While preparing for the 425 I've raised an ticket and complained about the start time of the lab with a screenshot in which it clear that the lab took almost ~45 minutes to start. If I do that lab 10 times I lose 7h of lab time. Support replied to me with a quote from the course stating that the lab starts normally in several minutes. I'm not a native english speaker but in my opinion 45 minutes is not several but ALOT of minutes.

I had luck with a Red Hater which responded on reddit and said that lab performance will improve with the new interface in the begging of may. I took 2 weeks break but this saved me a few lab hourse.

From what I've seen on other forums and even on this one, people are starting to move away from EX425 on version 3 and wait for a version 4, if there will be one. This is a bad thing because the DO425 is great in regards to what you learn.

In regards to support, according to RH COVID-19 response all exams validity has been extened to January 2021. Mine were not, I created a ticket and I'm still waiting. To their credit ,support, after the initial lag the support answered me that they are working with an internal team and I should have at the begging of next week.

Another issue with support is that they copy/paste the same response in the ticketing system several days in a row without making any real progress. This is signaled here in one topic I cannot find at this moment, has happened to me also and was also pointed out to me by a customer. This seems to be a current practice since has been signaled by people in different countries.

Since we're talking about feedback, I did my own investigation about the network issues with the kiosk exam. Even if everything is ok with the network when you scroll with the mouse wheel you get the network error. If you are software scrolling ( using the Firefox bar for example) then you DONT have the network error. 

I've posted the investigation here


and, at the suggestion of @cschunke , sent the same feedback to RH training team. Never got a response.

For me, RHLS is a great product, lots of really good material but has a really poor support. I really hope it improves.

Have a nice week end everyone.