Lithuanian IT school improves student job prospects with Linux training


Kaunas Information Technology School helps Lithuanians choose a marketable profession, then develop the skills and qualifications needed to meet market demand and obtain a job in IT. To expand its Linux and open source curricula, the school decided to offer Red Hat Training and Certification through Red Hat Academy, a partnership program with educational organizations. By offering the Red Hat Certified System Administrator course and exam, students gain hands-on experience with Linux technology, improving their job prospects, while the school improves its reputation and competitiveness in the academic community.

The Kaunas Information Technology School decided to partner with Red Hat Academy due to the lack of professionals with relevant IT experience in Lithuania. The Lithuanian Labor Exchange forecasts that the most valued future employees will be those who have technical knowledge and skills. Kaunas found an opportunity to meet this educational goal when an instructor met with Red Hat at an industry conference and learned about RHA.

This program offers curriculum across Red Hat’s most in-demand technologies—specifically platform, middleware, and cloud technologies. A unique delivery approach provides students with practical skills based on actual customer use cases from thousands of enterprise implementations of Red Hat products. These concepts are delivered through hands-on instruction, labs, performance-based testing, and instructor guidance, supported by comprehensive web or print textbooks with select local-language content, integrated tests and quizzes, and student management tools.

The institution became the first school in Lithuania to offer the Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) course and Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam (EX200). This foundation course introduces key command line concepts and other enterprise-level tools to students wishing to become full-time Linux system administrators. In order to operate the academy program, Kaunas set up a lab of 16 computers, a dedicated server, and an individual exam testing area according to Red Hat’s lab guidelines.

By offering training and certification to students through Red Hat Academy, Kaunas has helped its students become more marketable in the Lithuanian technology industry—for example, by providing access to Red Hat communities and employment contacts, as well as proven, in-demand skills. Partnering with a leading Linux training provider has also helped Kaunas differentiate itself within the region as a top provider of in-demand technology training. As a result, the school can recruit top student talent to attend its programs over competing offerings.

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