New Expert Extra videos now available in the Red Hat Learning Community!

Community Manager
Community Manager

We are excited to announce that for the first time, Red Hat will be releasing one unlocked Expert Extra per month in the Red Hat Learning Community! 


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What are Expert Extras? 

Expert extras are on-demand, high-definition videos presented by Red Hat expert practitioners as demos of innovative technologies and practices, based on real-world use cases and scenarios. 

If you see an Expert Extra that you’re interested in viewing, like the locked video post, and maybe we’ll feature it next month! 

Up to 200 of these videos are an exclusive feature of the Red Hat Learning Subscription - Learn more about Expert Extras and explore the other benefits of the Red Hat Learning Subscription.

How to access Expert Extras? 

Red Hat Learning Community: Click here, or see the "Learn" tab, and "Expert Extra Videos" dropdown.

Red Hat Learning Subscription: Access the RHLS catalog here, and filter "Delivery Formats" to Expert Extras.