(Now Closed) Join the Sep-2023 Red Hat Learning Community Mastery Series

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the Red Hat Learning Community Mastery Contest Series!

We will be hosting the RHLC Mastery Contest Series quarterly, where RHLC members have the chance to answer questions, help fellow community members and win prizes! To participate, answer at least one (1) of the questions below to be entered to win a Red Hat Learning Community branded cooler. Each question answered correctly will increase your chances of winning. 

Mastery series Q3.png

To enter the RHLC contest:

  1. Kudo this post
  2. Provide an accurate answer or contribution to at least one of the 5 pre-selected questions below. More questions answered increases the chances of winning. 

Question Bank:




Take the Linux Troubleshooting Challenge and provide your feedback


List down some of the Advantages of Open Source over Proprietary softwares


Answer the Unanswered “GoLang Operator For Beginners”


Answer the Unanswered “OpenShift Data Foundation - after deleting PVC and PC BlockPool is not reclai...


What is that one thing you would like to see happen in RHLC differently?


Good luck!

See contest Terms & Conditions here.


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