Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 BETA: An early look at the new training preview course


Join us on February 28th for our webinar previewing our upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux BETA course. Get a peek into the course’s content and design, including an overview of new features of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 operating system release.

The full course—Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Features for Experienced Administrators (RH354)—will be released more than a month before Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is available for general public use. The course introduces the new features and capabilities of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 using key command-line concepts and enterprise-level tools to prepare administrators, operators, engineers, and architects for future migration to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 from prior versions.

Students attending the full course will learn to perform essential Linux system administration tasks, including installation, establishing network connectivity, managing physical storage, and basic security administration. They will spend 70% of the course in lab-based, hands-on practice, exploring Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and learning the critical differences, enhancements, and features. This experience will allow them to be productive as soon as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is released.

This webinar will teach attendees how to:

  • Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 using the new packaging, modularity, and appstream features.
  • Perform an upgrade to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 using new upgrade tools.
  • Perform integrated file system and volume management using Stratis.
  • Perform system management with Cockpit.
  • Create system images with Composer.
  • Configure identity management using authselect.
  • Understand the Wayland graphical display server.
  • Deploy containers using the new integrated Open Containers Initiative (OCI) runtime and tools.
  • Configure firewall rules that use the new nftables back end.

If you missed the live webinar, you can still view the on-demand video on our registration page