Red Hat Learning Community celebrates 200,000 members

Community Manager
Community Manager

The Red Hat Learning Community (RHLC) celebrates a monumental milestone this week as it exceeds 200,000 members! At its launch in September of 2018, the main goal was simple: provide a collaborative space for open source learners to connect as they optimize their skills in working with Red Hat products. As the core of that mission has remained true since its launch, Red Hat has strived to provide our users what they need in order to collaborate, learn, build skills and meet their individual learning and career goals. Gang Cheng, the 2024 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year, highlights the community’s impact, stating, "The Red Hat Learning Community is an invaluable resource. It's a platform where professionals share, inspire, and support each other, creating a unique ecosystem of continuous learning."

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What is the Red Hat Learning Community?

RHLC is a collaborative platform that enables social learning among open source technologists who have the goal of building proficiency as they learn how to work with Red Hat products and technology. When visiting RHLC at, visitors can find meaningful discussions, Q&A, tutorials, best practices, tips and tricks, resources, learning videos and more.

This platform also serves as a space to nurture Red Hat Training and Certification students before, during and after completion of Red Hat courses and certification exams, offering social learning and collaboration tools for students, as well as access to instructors and experienced subject matter experts. RHLC continues to focus on enhancements to foster connectivity and collaboration among people passionate about sharing, teaching and learning open source technology.

As RHLC hits the 200,000 member milestone, the platform boasts over 5.6 million page views, more than 28k overall posts, and over 60k visitors every month.

Help contribute to a community focused on learning how to work with open source products by participating in the 200k member milestone contest! Answer a question or write a technical article for our community knowledge base with the chance of publication on one of the topics provided. Each submission counts as one entry for the prize. Ten winners will win RHLC swag for answering a technical question. There will be a total of five winners who participate in writing a technical article that will win a 100% discount code to purchase a Red Hat self-paced course of your choice. Contest participants can enter by Sunday, June 30, 2024.

The contest runs from Monday, June 3 through Sunday, June 30, 2024. 

The heart of our community is powered by curiosity, collaboration and connectivity. We hope you will join us in celebrating the growth of RHLC and join a platform dedicated to learning and connecting with the open source community.



* Visitors to the Red Hat Learning Community are not required to register to consume content, and becoming a member is completely voluntary and only required to engage within the platform.



Syed Ahmed
Senior Manager, Community Learning
With over two decades of experience in the IT industry, Syed Ahmed is a seasoned professional currently serving as the Senior Manager for Community Learning at Red Hat. He has been a part of Red Hat’s Training and Certification team since 2017.
Syed manages the Red Hat Academy program and the Red Hat Learning Community, bringing extensive experience and a strong passion for community learning. His focus is on enhancing the learner experience and fostering community engagement. Syed is deeply passionate about his role at Red Hat, dedicating his efforts to creating impactful learning experiences for all participants.