The Red Hat Learning Community celebrates 50,000 members!

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The Red Hat Learning Community celebrates a monumental milestone this week as it exceeds 50,000 members! At its launch in September of 2018, the main goal was simple: Provide a collaborative space for open source learners to connect as they optimize their skills in working with the Red Hat products. As the core of that mission has remained true since launch, Red Hat has continuously strived to provide our users what they need in order to collaborate, learn, upskill and meet their individual learning and career goals. 


Collaboration sparks a sense of community as members strive to upskill, learn, innovate and grow together.


What is the Red Hat Learning Community? RHLC is a collaborative platform that enables social learning among open source technologists who have the goal of building proficiency as they learn how to work with Red Hat products and technology. Upon visiting RHLC at, visitors can find meaningful discussions, Q & A, tutorials, best practices, tips & tricks, resources, learning videos and robust content that make up the fabric of the community. This platform also serves as a space to nurture Red Hat Training & Certification students before, during, and after completion of Red Hat courses and certifications exams, by offering social learning and collaboration tools among students, instructors and experienced subject matter experts. As RHLC continuously works to build out the product roadmap, Red Hat continues to focus on enhancements that aim to foster connectivity and collaboration among folks passionate about sharing, teaching and  learning open source technology.


As RHLC has hit the 50,000 member milestone, the platform is also home to over 12,000 overall posts, 1.5 million page views and thousands of visitors every day. It is important to note that visitors are not required to register to consume content, and becoming a member is completely voluntary and only required to engage within the platform. As a testament to the community’s success, our 2020 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year Fabrice Harbulot even found a solution to a challenge he was facing. Since 2006, Red Hat has recognized an RHCP of the Year who demonstrates ingenuity, hard work, and expertise through their work with our companies products and technologies. Here is his experience with RHLC: 

"I have been an active member of the Red Hat Learning Community for about six months, as @littlebigfab. I have posted 91 posts and received 62 kudos so far. I have also been promoted to Community Advocate and featured on the community's main page among 3 other featured members, all Red Hat employees.

I love the way the Red Hat Learning Community enables people to help each other! Not only can I give back what I have learned to the community and help new Linux users take their first steps into the open-source world, but I can also benefit myself from the great pieces of advice of even more senior users, including Red Hat employees themselves.

It's actually funny how every time I first want to help someone, I actually end up learning something new for myself too!

The following epic answer from @benko is just an example of the extremely high level of expertise I've been able to find on the Red Hat Learning Community:"

Since it’s launch two years ago, the Red Hat Learning Community has continually evolved to provide resources and capabilities that enable our members to connect. Our top features and benefits include: 

  • Red Hat product specific discussion rooms, where learners can connect with subject matter experts and fellow learners as they use Red Hat products.
  • Ability to author new posts, which may include questions, solutions, experiences, accomplishments, resources and other content that may benefit the open source learners. 
  • Ability to join or reply to discussions.
  • Offer or revoke post based kudos.
  • Mark content as a solution or view solutions.
  • Preview Red Hat learning videos.
  • Gamification features including 50+ badges that incentivize participation in the Red Hat Learning Community.
  • Mobile friendly features for learners or instructors on-the-go, such as our mobile platform design and reply by email feature.
  • Platform searchability, content tags, and content labels allows for members to easily curate content.
  • Customized feed called “My Feed” based on member preferences, learning interests and subscriptions.
  • Customized feed called “Followed Members” allows for learners to follow value-add members such as instructors, fellow students, subject matter experts and regular content contributors.
  • Certificate of Attendance and “My completed courses” section allows for members to easily access, download, and share a pdf version of their course completion certificate.

To celebrate the 50,000 member milestone, RHLC is launching a 50K member contest. Members can enter by simply sharing how community has positively impacted their open source adoption journey, by answering one (or more) of the following questions within the RHLC contest post:

Why is community valuable throughout the learning experience?
How has the community helped you in your learning journey?
How has the Red Hat Learning Community (RHLC) helped you achieve your learning goals?

The contest timeline will be from  Monday, November 16 - Friday, December 11. Three (3) winners will be announced on Friday, December 18. Official contest rules are available here.

Prizes: Three $50 gift cards to the Red Hat store, and a chance to attend an ask the expert session with Red Hat leaders.

The heart of our community is powered by curiosity, collaboration, and connectivity. We hope you will join us in celebrating the growth of the Red Hat Learning Community, and join a platform dedicated to learning open source.

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