Transforming to a DevOps paradigm with latest Culture and Practices course


Digital transformation as a goal is ubiquitous in 2019, and technology is often the focus, followed by processes. The culture aspect is either overlooked or daunting for teams wanting to change and evolve. Silo based organizations, manual processes, and waterfall practices keep teams in the status quo.

Through more than two decades of working closely with our customers and our communities, we have learned that digital transformation requires a change in culture, and that a DevOps culture – one that is collaborative, transparent, and open – is the best approach. We have seen this in action in our Red Hat Open Innovation Labs residencies, where we take customers through our way of doing cloud native application development while working in a DevOps paradigm. Red Hat Training and Certification has packaged this insight and expertise into a new week-long course offering, DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement (DO500), which provides learners an immersive experience of DevOps culture and modern application development techniques. Through the course, students engage in Agile learning techniques, experience a new culture, and complete hands-on labs that deploy containerized microservices featuring foundational DevOps principles and Red Hat software.

The DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement course is different from a typical Red Hat technology course. Derived from the work of Red Hat’s Open Innovation Labs team, who deliver transformative 6-12 week residencies for Red Hat customers on their journey to DevOps, this course is designed to change patterns and habits leading to new behaviors. It is taught in a non-traditional classroom environment, a facility with an open floor plan, and uses two instructors. Students will gain exposure to our OpenShift container platform and Ansible, but the focus will be the DevOps process and how Red Hat’s culture works alongside our technology.  

The course is ideal for cross-functional teams starting digital transformation initiatives, as well as for organizations wanting to extend DevOps practices beyond an initial “Tiger Team” deployment. It will provide an immersive experience for architects, IT leaders, senior developers, and SREs to work with DevOps concepts including event storming, social contracts, and impact mapping. Participants are provided with key learnings to help scale out concepts into their internal organizations after completion. The ultimate goal of the course is to increase team agility, facilitate faster time to market, boost efficiency, and allow organizations to scale.

We believe Red Hat’s unique culture can be the catalyst to transforming to a DevOps paradigm, and invite you to learn more about the DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement course.

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