Watch and Vote: 124 Essentials vs 124 Lab Review vs 134 Chapter Review

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Community Manager

Greetings RHLC,

Today Red Hat Training is piloting an online learning format we are tentatively calling Thin Video Classroom, and we want to hear what you think about it. Thin VCs are a playlist of short videos that make up an overview of a full Red Hat Training course. Running a total of about one hour, we envision possible use-cases being course refreshers, searchable microlearning nuggets, skills and exam prep assessments, knowledge checks, and others we have not considered yet. That’s where this community comes in! It's important that we get your feedback on these three samples in order to fine-tune the format before potentially starting production on Thin VCs covering more of Red Hat Training's curriculum. 

Without feedback, we may determine there is no demand for these types of videos. So if you want to potentailly see Thin VCs for our Advanced RHEL, OpenShift, Ansible, Satellite, OpenStack, JBoss, and other courses, then please watch some (or all) of the content below and then chime in to help shape the future of Red Hat Training's video content!


VC Essentials 

A microlearning format based off summarized key topics from the RH124 course delivered by Ricardo da Costa.


VC Lab Review

A comprehensive review demonstration based off the RH124 exam objectives delivered by Ricardo da Costa.


VC Chapter Review

A review of key concepts from each chapter of the RH134 course delivered by Michael Phillips. 


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Thanks for your feedback,

~ Jim Meegan

Sr. Videographer/Editor, Red Hat Training

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