Additional kiosk locations in NYC/NJ/PA


I wanted to know if Red Hat is planning to add more kiosk locations in tri-state area listed in the topic?

The reason is that we have only one facility in NYC serving these states and it is sometimes really difficult to schedule an individual exam. Everything is booked for 2-3 months ahead. It is nearly impossible to find an available seat within the same week if exam needs to be rescheduled. 

Red Hat certificates become more demanded and unfortunately single facility is not capable to handle such traffic volume.

The other two nearest locations are in Maryland and in Massachusetts, which are beoynd any reasonable commute time. 

So, with all that being said, do you have anything in plans for 2020 to expand the amount of facilities? 

Thank you!

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Re: Additional kiosk locations in NYC/NJ/PA

It seems this is a global issue, in EMEA, we have the same issue, Philippine seems to have the same issue. Red HAt should reconsider the exam enrollment not to be tied to the RHLS subscription expiry date, or/and provide more exam options through other exam providers such as Prometric and Pearson Vue, ..etc. or do similar to Linux Foundation proctored home exams. 

~ Walid - the DevOps Janitor
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