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I want to ask the requirement RHCA. i have  rhcsa 7 , rhce 7 , redhat specialist ansible automation, and redhat specialist container and kubernetes and current to 2024,. As i know rhce i hold not the latest version and 2 specialist i hold currently ansible and container is already retired exam. Do i need to retake exam from rhce 8 and 5 specialist or just take another 3 specialist to get RHCA. thanks

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Starfighter Starfighter

The requirements are:

- A valid, non-expired RHCE (includes a valid, non-expired RHCSA at the time to be granted RHCE).

- 5 contributing Specialist certifications towards RHCA (most/all 3xx and 4xx exam codes).


Given that (most/all) Specialist automatically extend your RHCE status (if still current), I'd say you only need to take 3 specialist certs. Note that all 5 need to be current and valid at the time, so be mindful on when the oldest one(s) expire -- 3 years after certification.



@ed1042 -

I wanted to provide a slight bit more context and expand on the answer provided by @Fran_Garcia

  • Valid (non-expired RHCE/RHCSA). This extends each time you take the RHCE exam and pass again or one of the CoEs and pass the CoE (Specialist certificaitons counting towards RHCA). Extension of base RHCSA/RHCE started with RHEL7 version of RHCE.
  • 5 Additional CoE (Specialist exams - again, this will extend the date on the RHCE to the most recently passed Specialist exam)
    • You mentioned already having passed two (2) CoEs, one in Ansible and one in Containers. Based on that statement, you will only need to take and pass three (3) more exams.
      • Once you've passed the total of five (5) exams, you will be granted the RHCA
      • You must maintain at least five (5) CoEs that are unexpired and the RHCSA/RHCE unexpired to keep your RHCA status
        • If at any time one of the "specialist" certifications expires and you drop below the RHCE + 5 requirement, you will lose the RHCA status until you take and pass another "specialist" certification.
        • If you take additional exams beyond the RHCE + 5, you will increase your level of RHCA to be RHCA Level 2/3/4/5/etc.

I am a prime example as my RHCA level will most likely fall in March as another retired exam falls off and I most likely won't have time to take another specialist exam to replace it.

Hope the additional information helps,


Travis Michette, RHCA XIII
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Flight Engineer

To become RHCA you need to achieve the below conditions to be RHCA lvl 1:

Note: Below Steps can be done in any sequence provided all the exams mentioned in all the steps below should be active

Step 1: Clear RHCSA - [ Would recommend you to go for V9 - [ EX200 ]  ]
Step 2: Clear RHCE - [ Clearing EX294 after RHCSA or you must Clear EX200 after Clearning EX294 to be RHCE ]
Step 3: Clear 5 different specialization level certifications

Total active certifications = 7 [ here 2 Exams are compulsory which are EX200 & EX294 and Rest 5 exams must be different from both EX200 & EX294 and also each other and they cant be same exam in different versions if they are having same exam code but different versions would still be counted as only 1 exam ]

How to be RHCA lvl n ?

Ans: Be RHCA Lvl 1 and then do (n-1) exams and they cant be same as that of RHCA lvl 1 journey exams and also from each other then only you can be RHCA lvl n.


How you become RHCE?

1. You must clear RHCSA [ EX200 ]
2. You must ckear RHCE exam [ EX294 ]

Note: Both RHCSA and RHCE exams versions can be different it won't create issue and sequence doesn't matter as long as you complete both before the either certificate expires - [ do complete both  exams in same year ]


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