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Cannot find lab environment credentials for DO280 (4.5)

I just started the new (4.5) version of DO280. I created the lab environment and recall from the previous version of this course that the credentials (cluster ID, kubeadmin password, ...) were displayed in the lab environment tab. However, I cannot find them there.

Any suggestion on where to get the credentials to run the lab-configure command?

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Re: Cannot find lab environment credentials for DO280 (4.5)

I think I found the answer to the above question. In the 4.5 version of the course, the cluster access has been simplified and it is no longer needed to run the lab-configure command, even though the command still exist. Cluster information and passwords in environment variables are automatically populated when the lab is started.

Apologies for this forum entry. Hope the "solution" is of use to someone else.

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