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Cloudforms Add Groups Hosts & Cluster Empty

I am doing the Cloudforms course.  I am on Chapter 4 the second guided exercise.  I have the tennants, I've created the role based on EvmRole-tenant_admin, when I go to create a group it says to pick "Hosts & Clusters" and check the boxes next to RHV-M.  It's blank.  If I add it, then edit it I see the RHV-M under Hosts & Clusters, but I can't check the box for it.  I've rebuilt this lab twice now in case I missed something and it's still not there.  Can someone please help me with this?



EDIT: So I went ahead and created the user in the group, even though I didn't check any boxes, when I log into the user I can still see the RHV-M provider. Is this a bug?

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