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Couple of UX suggestions related to enrolling an exam

Hi @Attila and other UX experts,

I'm enrolling for the RHCE exam now and I want to share some things in the UI that I feel could be improved.

First: finding the exam to enroll.

It would be useful if from the course that is a preparation for a specific exam you could immediately jump to that exam. I found the exam through the skills path but not as I expected by searching for RHCE. Only by searching for "Red Hat Certified Engineer"

RHCE returns results where RHCE appears in the description.

Granted: you can also find in on the "home" screen under "my skill paths" way at the bottom of that page. But honestly I only found that while writing this up and double checking everything.

Second: finding the exam objectives.

The page where you can enroll ( has an item under prerequisites: "Review the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (EX294) objectives"

But it does not have those objectives nor does it link to the page.

I only found the objectives ( by searching the main website's training section.

And again not by searching RHCE because that refers you to the page for EX200 which is based on the older non-ansible course and exam.

Only by searching for EX294 did I find this page.

Third length of the exam. This is not listed on any of the pages of the enrollment procedure. You can see the start time of the slots but not the length of the exam. As far as I could find only the page shows that the exam is also 3 hours.

Correction, found the page which shows that the exam is 4 hours.

Fourth: the certification ID. This seems like something that could be saved in the user's profile and auto filled in. Especially after booking the first exam.

Lastly: the dashboard still does not show the exam I completed in December. It does show the exam I now scheduled.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

This is great feedback, thank you @BramMertens . Some of these items we have planned in our roadmap, such as better Search and clearer Skills Paths. Additional details for exams can also be something we add directly to the Exam pages. We appreciate the detailed response. 

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