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EX407 on Ansible 2.3 Exam Objectives


So I will be taking EX407 on Ansible 2.3 (I was initially going for 2.7 but 2.3 is what we use so...)
I cannot find exam objectives for 2.3 on the RedHat website, I can only find the one for 2.7:

Is this valid for both versions? Because I found an external link to the previous exam objectives for 2.3 and they differ a bit from the link above. For example, in the above link for 2.7 Ansible Tower is not listed as an objective whereas in the old link I found externally it is present.

Thank you for clearing up matters for me.

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Flight Engineer

Re: EX407 on Ansible 2.3 Exam Objectives

Hi @bilaldaya,

I wouldn't recommend to take the Ansible 2.3-based exam, because:

- your Ansible environment at work will probably be updated some day
- the differences between 2.3 and 2.7 are pretty insignificant and mostly make things easier (ie: the 'reboot' module, compared to the previous async reboot + 'wait_for_connection' tasks)
- incidently, that version will appear on your certificate of expertise ; it would advertise that you have demonstrated skills at a recent version of Ansible and care for modern technologies in general

To specifically answer your question, you can check ex407 past objectives on for example.

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