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EXAM monitor resolution

Dear colleagues,
is it possible to set for exam higher resolution than Full HD?
Usual setup for admins is to use more than one monitor and when we are limited on exam to only one monitor, it would be nice to use full cappability. In my case I have WQHD but exam switch to Full HD only.
It's very annoying to switch between windows where you can have two windows one next to another one and see all informations at once. It would be very nice and helpful if you could handle that.
Best regards Jiri

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Unfortunately, at the moment, it is not possible to use a resolution higher than Full HD for the exam.

I tried in my last exam to set the resolution to UHD but the exam window only took up part of the monitor, so I had to restart my laptop and change the resolution to Full HD to work properly

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer


Nice remarque during my exam I have noticed that the resolution of the screen is too high and I Have been  tried of switching between different  exam windows,  and i dont know why redaht don’t allow 2end monitor for remote exam since that we are monitored with two cameras :?!



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