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Early Access: Red Hat High Availability Clustering (RH436) on RHEL 8.3

We're currently in the process of updating Red Hat High Availability Clustering (RH436) for RHEL 8.3.  Initial content is starting to show up in Early Access for Red Hat Learning Subscription.  As of today, almost all guided exercises are present and the basic outline of the course should be visible, and a classroom environment can be provisioned.  We would welcome feedback on the materials so far and the updated design. 

Among the major changes so far:

  • Exercises have been reworked with setup scripts that are intended to allow you to start on any exercise in the course.
  • Some extraneous purely knowledge-based sections/quizzes have been cut.
  • The section on location constraints from the old advanced resource management chapter (was 6) has been moved to chapter 4 and the rest of the chapter eliminated.
  • The iSCSI content focuses on the initiator only and is essentially copied from RH358 (many of the old tweaks from the RHEL 7.1 version of RH436 are no longer necessary).
  • The Cluster LVM content has been updated to the new shared volume group model that replaces it in RHEL 8.
  • Content on the new quorum device has been added to the two-node cluster chapter.
  • Exercises on automating cluster setup and resource/resource group deployment with Ansible are being added.  This does not include cluster storage (that's a bit messy at present, although we do have playbooks that do that for our own lab automation behind the scenes).

Our next steps are to finish updating the Guided Exercises and Lab activities, and then to begin populating the lecture/presentation content.

Please let us know what you think by using the Feedback button!  Thanks.

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Flight Engineer

Re: Early Access: Red Hat High Availability Clustering (RH436) on RHEL 8.3


This is a great news.

It had been almost 6 years since I got that certificate on RHEL7, and I was waiting it to be updated on RHEL8 to plan to rewrite the EX436 exam.
Now is the time.

Besides, I think something is wrong with the 3 years validity for certain certificates.
Why have a certificate valid for 3 years related to an exam that does not evolve in 6 years?
That was my case for the EX436.



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