Excess lab hours shown as used

I provisioned a lab to test this functionality and then immediately powered it down. This appeared to be successful but I may have left them running. The automatic kill switch was set for two hours. In the attached screenshot it shows that I've used this much which is fine.

Does 'subscription lab hours used' count up even if all Lab VMs are in the state "STOPPED"? If so, why?

Is this a bug with the early access version of the course? If so, how can I get the number of lab hours used reduced to 2 (from the current 64)?




I appear to be having the same issue as this Discussion:



Update: Solution - 

I had been seeing incorrect details at the top of the page here:

I raised a support ticket with Redhat and was informed that I had logged in through an incorrect portal. I was told that as a standard subscriber I should always login from LMS portal to access all the designated features:

Unfortunately, the LMS does not provide the privilege of checking lab hour usage.

RH confirmed that my lab usage details were correctly recorded as 2 hours on their end.

Rather than concerning yourself with the "subscription lab hours used" at the top of the page, I found that going to:
And then clicking on "Lab Activity" gave correct figures.

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Re: Excess lab hours shown as used

I apologize for the initial confusion, LearningLinux, and appreciate your update for the work-around. I wanted to reach out to let you know we're working on our latest release of the Learning Subscription, and with that will come a clearer view into what labs you have worked on, and how many lab hours you have used out of your total amount. There will be announcments detailing some of these changes in the future. Please feel free to reach out via the community or red hat support if you experience any other issues with the Learning Subscription. 

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