Failing an exam twice disables third entry with RedHat Learning Subscription

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I don't know who cares, but i failed an exam twice. I have Redhat Learning Subscription that gives me 5 vouchers. But, when you fail an exam twice(this includes a free retake), you can't have the same exam with one of your available vouchers. Opened an issue to learning support, but the rules here say (https://www.redhat.com/en/about/press-releases/red-hat-updates-certification-exam-retake-policy-broa...) RHLS - Standard and Premium subscribers are now provided with five first attempts for five "different" exams and the opportunity to retake all five. So according to rules, I have to pay 500$ for my third leaving my vouchers unused. Is that fair?

Would be great if RedHat takes this case into account as an enhancement request.




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@MarcelAtoZ I'll not agree that RH294 does not prepare fully for the exam. But, prepering with different sources has some benefits you can not get with any single course. For anyone failing this exam I'd suggest searching web for some other EX294 V9 courses, choose at least one and go through it to learn the same concepts from different angle, doing all gueded exercises and end of chapter labs of RH294 multiple times to make sure nothing is missed, also setting up own control/managed machines and testing different scenarios (like using modules vs roles) on it. Also, not to lose time on editing the yaml files, make sure you view and master vim tips from RH294 Expert Extras video. With all of this combined, I am sure you'll perform better on the next try and will pass the exam. Good luck everyone!


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Hello @EnginY !

Yes as per the Red Hat policy, second retake is not allowed from the available vouchers :



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Hi Chetan,

I am RHLS Learner, so sadly I failed twice in my exam (first attempt and second attempt for retake). I don't want to give up and I want to try again for third attempt with buy new exam vouchers and enroll myself in that vouchers, but redhat system said "Your existing subscription in Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam (EX294K) cannot be renewed until 09-Sep-24".



Do I must wait until 09 Sept 2024 to enroll myself in exam vouchers that I want to buy ??, or any other way for me to enroll myself in vouchers that I want to buy as soon as possible ??..

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Flight Engineer
I hope its not required


Your journey as a Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS) learner, while challenging, especially with the EX294 exam, showcases your true grit and dedication. Not passing in the first two attempts is just a step in the learning process, and it's inspiring to see your determination to succeed.

If you have already used your retake option for the EX294 exam, please note the following:

As the retake option for EX294 has already been utilized, you are ineligible for a second retake under your Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS).

To attempt the exam again, you must purchase it separately. This purchase will not be included as part of the RHLS exams.


Alternatively, for further assistance or guidance, you are encouraged to contact our concerned team. Please send your inquiries to training@redhat.com.


NO >> Do I must wait until 09 Sept 2024 to enroll myself in exam vouchers that I want to buy ??,

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Hello @MFachrizal !

Thanks for reaching out!
No - you dont have to wait.

If you have just given the exam and the result has just arrived - it may take 24 - 48 hours to have it updated from the backend - post that you wont face any difficulty in purchasing, IMHO.

Are you facing any difficulty while purchasing a fresh exam voucher from the link : https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/ex294-red-hat-certified-engineer-rhce-exam-red-hat-enter...  ?

You can raise a support ticket from the learning portal if you still face the issue and our backend team will help / guide you      or   you can reach out to training@redhat.com for help in this. 

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Mission Specialist

This is unfortunate. I wont be renewing too many policies and material is B tier at best for an S tier exam. 

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Flight Engineer

It seems like a very fair and reasonable policy. Free retakes are a great blessing. Have only been allowed very recently, so that is very magnanimous of RedHat to offer that. If someone could use 5 retakes of the same exam, it could diminish the overall value of the certification.  RedHat wants the certifications to be respected and we all should as well. 

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Mission Specialist

This is just good marketing by rh, not truly magnanimous. You can take the bar exam as many times as you want. Heck you can even take the ccie 4xs. I think he brings up a good idea for an enhancement. Why have the limitation? What mad man would want to take the same rh exam 10xs. Let my boi test


I too failed the EX294 exam twice. The learning does not prepare you fully for the exam. I will continue using Ansible and I hope that training on the job gives me the skills to fulfill all tasks at next try. And yes it's a pain to buy the extra exam. Luckily my employer pays for that but I too expected more from the learning subscription (which for us has ended now BTW).

I agree with Rob, it's good marketing.

I will be reading some books on Ansible and must heavily train my kara^H^H^H^H jinja2 skills for my next attempt.

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