February 13, 2024 Release Notes - Red Hat Learning Subscription

Community Manager
Community Manager

February 13, 2024


  • Management Reporting - 
    • Disabled the "Reports" tab, where managers could produce a scheduled report. This is due to the reports failing. This is actively being resolved. 
    • Enabled the old reporting tool - Admins and Managers can produce reports from the Organization and Team tabs, respectively, by clicking the csv icon. 
    • Resolved an issue where users who were both a Manager and an Admin of different organizations were not seeing the correct tabs. Now, selecting your org from the dropdown provides only the tab(s) that are relevant to your role. 
  • Course Feedback - A la carte users can now send feedback to our content teams through the "Feedback" button on their course pages. 
  • Technical Overviews - Users can now access Technical overviews from their direct URL. Previously, even if logged in, users would hit an error page with the direct link. 
  • Content styling - Updated the styling on the lowest level headings of courses
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