July 18, 2023 Release Notes - Red Hat Learning Subscription

Community Manager
Community Manager

July 18, 2023


  • RHLC Syndication - 5 more courses have been set up for syndicated RHLC content! DO180DO188, DO280RH134, and RH294 now include RHLC content at the bottom of each of the course pages, for all versions. This content is syndicated from a dedicated course group for each course.


  • Premium cards - Mobile and tablet views for the Premium catalog not correctly align the icons for the premium sessions. 
  • User Dashboard - Resolved a bug in the User Dashboard that prevented some users from downloading their Certificate of Attendance
  • Expert Extras Playlist - Resolved a bug in courses that include Expert Extra playlists. The bug required users to refresh the page to show the playlist if the user switched course versions. The playlist will show automatically once the version is changed. 
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