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Lab Hour Tracking

I'm currently showing 220/400 hours used since the start of my subscription. It averages out to around 3 hours a day over 68 days, which sounds impressive at first glance.

I'm wondering how accurate the tracking is. The labs for the RHCE and Ansible labs generally take upwards of 30 minutes to start all the way up (sometimes longer). This is when the workstation is useable for actual use. At best, that's probably 34 hours where the labs aren't actually useable but are still being counted as lab hours. 50 hours if lab startup averages 45 minutes.

There is also a lot of downtime during the RHCE and Ansible labs where the grading scripts are checking the environment. The role labs take enough time that there are warnings about them taking several minutes each to process.

I understand hosting the enviroments for training isn't free but was wondering what I would do if I hit my 400 hour cap. Can that time be increased? Can it be adjusted? Can lab startup and processing power be improved somehow?

Until recently, it hadn't even showed me what my hours were. 0/400 while I was studying for the RHCE.

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Re: Lab Hour Tracking

Hi @RevPeters,

Red Hat Training support can assist you with this. Raise a case here.


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