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My experience with RHLS

I have finished my RHLs journey 2 paper short to regain my RHCA title.I was a RHCA in 2015. wrote 2 of the exam outside RHLS but used RHLS for exam preparation. I would like to share my experience to those who are planning to pursue RH certification journey

first of all its a committment to ourself that next one year we are on a mission to achieve the title. you may have to sacrifice a good amount of personal and family time. Family support is really important. In my case my wife was taking care of two of our kids while I was playing with the labs for long hours. I must give a treat to her to ensuring that I was not disturbed.

1. we have unlmited hours of video learning and 400 hours of Lab time . One can download 10 course e-books. So plan the certifications that you want to attempt and add it your learning path.

2. if we need to utilize 400 hours of lab time in 365 days , one need to dedicate 1h5m/ day ( 400h/365 days )* 60 minutes. Most of the time we will not be able to dedicate this time every day due to personal and professional reasons. So do a periodic estimation of time on the remaining hours. and change the study time accordingly. One day miss will add additional 2 -5 minutes/ day intially to the remaining days, and gradually increase to hours as we close to the expiry date.
3. Do not attempt to save lab hours by setting up own lab , because of the point 3.
4 Plan the courses that you want to pursue in the few days.. take the learning paths will be ideal one .. though I didn't use any one. I followed below sequence to reduce the learning effort, Because previous course will cover a good amount of topic in the next one

Stream 1 DO 180, DO280, DO285
Stream 2. RHCSA , RH294, RH447
Stream 3 CL110, CL210, attempted CL310..

A good understanding of containers is a must for courses after RHCSA . Other than Courses related to Ansible. most of the products are becoming containerized. eg. When I studied CL210v5 in 2015. it was all services on multiple VMs . but in latest CL210v16 all servers are containerized.

Out of the trainers, Ricardo , is the best.. hie white boards are really useful

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Thanks for the insights.

When you talk about the stream1, is it something like DO180, DO280 and DO288?


@Thulasiraman-vb -

So I'm not 100% sure what @joseph_joy mean with the Stream1 with DO180/DO280/DO285 as the DO285 is essentially a combined version or rapid track of the DO180/DO280 into a single course similar to RH199.

The DO180 course is the introduction to containers and OpenShift (OCP). That course is our foundational course. From there, you choose your own path (adventure) on whether you want to focus on Developer-style track or Adminstrator-Style track.

The DO280 is focused more from an administration/administrator-level while the DO288 is focused on container development and management suited more for developers.

The following link better describes the OCP Learning paths between developer-focused or administrator-focused.


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@joseph_joy thank you for sharing these extremely valuable insights! Anyone who is pursuing Red Hat Certification and/or leveraging the Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS) to upskill on Red Hat products will have valuable takeaways from your review above.

With your permission, I would love to feature your review in the "Featured Content" section of this community to allow for other members to discover your advice - please send me a pm or kudo this reply to confirm this is ok.





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Also, it you go the Administrator track you might want to consider DO380, I found a lot of useful material like setting up LDAP authentication, certificate troubleshooting, adding worker nodes to an existing cluster. persistent storage, gitops, monitoring, logging, recovering failed worker nodes to name a few.

I also really enjoyed the DO322 Openshift installation lab.

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