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RHCSA Exam Mistakes

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Not too sure if this post belongs here, please let me know if I'm in the wrong place.

I recently took the RHCSA and failed in spectacular fashion.

In hindsight, I attribute the reason for my failure to the way would set up my lab while taking a practice test.

I would use 2 VM connected over a network with DHCP enabled and internet access.

I would use online free registers for my container images, instead of practicing subscribing to the RedHat registries.

I would also exclusively practice configuring my repositories from RedHat ISO, instead of a server.

To say the least, I neglected anything that had to do with a network. I hope my post will help someone not make the same mistake.

I was wondering if anybody knew how to construct a better lab environment where I can more effectively practice for my retake. Especially when it comes to repositories and registries.



Best, Goran
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Did RH tell you clearly in the exam what repo you should you? They should and not let the examinee guessing.


Qing (Harry ) Li

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Hey Quin, they don't really tell you if you are going to be getting the repo form a ISO image or if you need to get it form the network. That why I suggested you practice both just in case. ;)
Best, Goran
I am resently given rhcsa exam it's my retake chance.But results was unexpected.how it's possible if I am leaving the exam all work properly.Checking many times because my first exam not clear it's my last chance.After reboot check again and again all work properly but not clear the exam.I am so worried.I got this chance with difficulty.Please tell me what I do
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I'm really sorry to hear that you're so nervous about your exam retake, Deepika. I can understand it fully, exams can be very stressful. 

You have done everything that you need to do: test your work, reboot, test your work again. 

Make very sure that you follow the instructions from Red Hat to the letter. Typing mistakes in names, numbers, words etc will make you fail a scoring because the scripts will simply ignore / not see your work. 

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Just use docker.io . it should be fine. In the exam, it just simply use a very simple container where you need to connect two mount point from hosts to the container. Use of multiple -v

And yea about the networking stuff focus on "nmcli" - that should bring u close to 210 . cheers

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