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RHLS Entitlements

Hi all,

Just thought I'd provide some feedback on the RHLS as a user - going from 0 current Red Hat certifications to now being at RHCE on RHEL8 and having completed 4 of the 5 speciality exams for RHCA.

Now I am quite close to RHCA, the little things are getting more frustrating.

Specifically, the 5 exam entitlements isn't enough to complete the 7 required for RHCA. This is a difficult proposition to either ;

1. self fund additional exam(s),

2. seek more employer funding

3. stop taking RH exams all together and move on to the next vendors certification path.  One needs to ultimately decide whether the RHCA is worth the cost of the RHLS + 2 Additional exams costing  more than US$1000. 

The other issue is pdf entitlements. I naiveley used 3 (RH124, RH134, and RH199) at the very start not knowing there was a limit. Now I've used all 10. What's the suggestion from RH / RHLS here? Purchase a whole new course just to get a printable pdf? 

I'm also way over on the lab hours. Around 20% over the allocated 400hours. Again, I wasn't aware of a cap until the recent RHLS upgrade - at which stage I'd already used a LOT on DO280. 

The only entitlement I have  a lot of is subscription days left (over 235 days).

It's disappointing to have invested so much time and money on the RHLS but running in to road blocks now I'm so close to RHCA. 

I understand RH and RH Training need to run a profitable business model, however, I can't help but feel the goal of the RHLS and RH Training is not to encourage the best talent to certify to RHCA level, but, it is instead to set some hard limits half way through a subscription that exist only to drive more money out of the users.






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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Re: RHLS Entitlements

I feel your pain, there should be some sort of extensions to the exam entitlments, lab hours, and downloadable pdfs, other than have a new subscription.

it is also the other way around, if you have not downloaded, or not consumed all your hours, or you could not allocate an exam slot you lose them at the end of your subscription, it should roll out, if one buys a new subscription

~ Walid - the DevOps Janitor
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