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Reaching ROLE support team under support case

I am new to RHLS and just had my account activated. I can see the list of my enrolled courses but after clicking launch, I am having or experiencing the below error. I have tried with other flavor of web browwser but same issue.

We had trouble locating your enrollment.

We have been notified, and will be working to resolve the problem. In
the meantime, you may contact for more
information, or contact your training coordinator.
could not derive rhls_standard subsription

I have contacted APAC training team and suggested the ROLE support under the support case. Unfortunately the ROLE product selection is not available on the dropdown list. I just use customer portal instead/account . The chat is also not available as it needs an existing subscription.. Is there any email support option for the ROLE support team?

I am little bit worried as days start deduction on my RHLS standard subscription and none of the listed courses not even used yet.

Many thanks in advance.


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Re: Reaching ROLE support team under support case

You'll want to use the Red Hat Online Learning product setting in your support case that you open on the Red Hat Customer Portal (


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