Red Hat Learning Subscription Release Notes - August 2, 2022

Community Manager
Community Manager

August 2, 2022


  • Management Reporting:
    Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 1.15.10 PM.png
    • Courses by Technology: A new visualization was added to the Summary dashboard that identifies the number of courses that this organization has started for specific Red Hat Products or Technology Categories. This enables organizations to track their goals as they relate to particular products and technology courses. 
    • Subscription period selector: The Summary Dashboard now allows managers to toggle between viewing the summary for their organization for all time (All subscriptions) or just for the currently active users (Current subscriptions). This will enable managers to focus on the training plans and progress for users within the current and active subscription period. 
  • Content Accessibility - The course content area and footer of RHLS have been built with Patternfly, an open source design system, to enable a more accessible and mobile-friendly experience. 
  • Content Notifications - Announcement for the release of the new course - DO480 Multicluster Management with Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus
    Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 3.46.17 PM.png
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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Great .

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

The price is 6K per individual, for the year?