Red Hat Learning Subscription Release Notes - October 11, 2022

Community Manager
Community Manager

October 11, 2022


  • Online Training and Video Classroom Combined Offering: RH199v9 is now available with Video Classroom videos embedded in the Read (ROL) version of the course. This version is available for all users to provide feedback on this new proposed offering. Please explore and try out the new combined offering, and provide any comments, questions, or defects via the "Feedback" button in the course. 
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  • RHLS Progress Report: Managers can now produce a .tsv with the following additional data:
    • Scheduled Premium Sessions - Sessions that are scheduled by users are now indicated in the report
    • Completed Premium courses - If a user has Attended all sessions of a Premium Course, the report now indicates that the user completed that course. This is identified by the last date of the last session included in the "Date of Completion" column. 
  • Content banner - Highlights the new DO188 course - Introduction to Containers with Podman
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  • RHLS Premium Session Indicators - The Session indicators on the course cards in the Live Session Catalog now indicate whether sessions are unavailable. This makes it easier for users to know whether there are available sessions before clicking all the way into the session when scheduling. Unavailable sessions are indicated with a red "X". 
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